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A Robust & Diverse Economy

Minnesota is the problem-solving capital of America - and our businesses, from large to small, are finding solutions that will redefine the future of the global economy. They're building what matters.

Dynamic Innovation Ecosystem

The key to Minnesota’s success is our tech-savvy workforce and our role as a creative idea incubator and patent powerhouse. Many of our largest companies are partners in accelerators and other startup programs.

World-class Infrastructure

You can be connected to global markets at your fingertips with high-speed broadband. Whether you’re shipping goods on a barge down the Mississippi, running your business out of your tractor or shipping products around the world – we are your access point.

Global Talent Market

Our talented and creative workforce is unparalleled. When you have a business in Minnesota, you have access to the highest caliber of talent, a workforce that is ready to discover new solutions to the world’s most complex problems.

Amazing Quality of Life

Minnesota invites you to discover something new in the world and in yourself. Somewhere that feels wild and pure, where your story can flow like the Mississippi River and shine like the northern lights. No matter which route you take, they can all lead to your True North. And it’s only in Minnesota.

Committed to Inclusive Growth

Minnesota faces an unprecedented opportunity to drive inclusive growth that will make our economy better for everyone. Learn how business, government, and community leaders are stepping forward.

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