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Global Talent Market

ACT State Score
Labor Force Participation Rate for Women
Most Educated State
Percent Population with High School Degree

Our talented workforce is ready to work and wants to make a difference.

Our talented and creative workforce is unparalleled.

laboratoryWhen you have a business in Minnesota, you have access to the highest caliber of talent, a workforce that is ready to discover new solutions to the world’s most complex problems. After all, this is where:

  • An idea grew into the pacemaker and ultimately Medtronic, which has saved millions of lives across the globe.

  • 3M created the post it note. Today, we are never more than 10 feet away from 3M’s science and innovations.

  • Two brothers believed in exceptional health care. Today, the Mayo Clinic is solving some of the world’s biggest health challenges.

We have more than 100 post-secondary institutions, the highest ACT state score where at least 60% of students were tested, and are the 4th most educated state because we understand that knowledge powers the world.

  • 2nd in Percentage of Population with High School Degrees Among Large Metropolitan Areas (Minneapolis-St. Paul)
  • 3rd in Labor Force Participation Rate for Women
  • 7th Best State for Community Colleges

Our talent will propel your business to the next level.

Find out more about our workforce.

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