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How Minnesota Ranks

Business climate. Workforce. Innovation. Infrastructure. Quality of life.
Minnesota consistently ranks at or near the top of all the factors important to business success.

Fortune 500 Companies Per Capita
Best State for Economic Opportunity
Best Overall State in America
Five Year Business Survival Rate

Dynamic Innovation Ecosystem

Businesses of the future are the startups of today. Our established businesses in Minnesota need a robust innovation ecosystem to provide the ideas and talent to continue to be global leaders.

Medical Device Patents Per Capita
Health Technology Cluster in the World
Food Products Patents Per Capita
Patents Per Capita

World-class Infrastructure

Whether you’re shipping goods on a barge down the Mississippi, running your business out of your tractor or shipping products around the world – we are your access point.

Airport 4 Years in a Row
Port in North America (Duluth)
In the Midwest for Energy Efficiency
On Time Airport in the World

Global Talent Market

When you have a business in Minnesota, you have access to the highest caliber of talent, a workforce that is ready to discover new solutions to the world’s most complex problems.

ACT State Score
Labor Force Participation Rate for Women
Percent Population with High School Degree
Best State for Community Colleges

Amazing Quality of Life

We’re a state of mind filled with adventure, culture and curiosity. And we’re a state of opportunity, committed to building what matters and making the world a better place for everyone.

Stressed State
Most Active State
State to Raise a Family
Best State for Working Moms and Dads
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